Requirements - Dentistry (Selected topics in cell biology)


Most classes are 100 min, but there will be lectures with two topics, consequently longer, so that the course could finish in time. Do check on the website of the Dept. of Biophysics and Cell Biology ( regularly to see if there are any changes, news, etc.! DETAILS UNDER THE MENU ITEM: „Timetables, locations”  Compulsory reading: Lecture material posted on the website

Requirement for signature:

  • maximum 3 recorded absences total (no make-up possible)
  • signing up for the electronic course by the end of week 5

Exam dates:

  • week 11 written exam for receiving the practical grade. The exam can also be taken during the exam period, but this counts as a first exam after a practical grade of "fail". Check NEPTUN for dates.

Exam type:

  • Electronic test (see below)


  • 50%< pass
  • 60%< satisfactory
  • 70%< good
  • 80%< excellent
    • In order to take an exam of the course "Selected Topics in Cell Biology" you need to be registered for the electronic version of the course.

Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Start your internet browser and type this address: NOTE: It only works from IP addresses of the university, so you need to be logged on to EDUROAM, use a PC from the library, or use a VPN connection from outside. Select the English (en) language (top left) At the Login, type your Username, which is: your network-id (the same as in the Neptun) Type your Password: (the same as in the Neptun) Click on the [Login] button. You cannot continue to the course until you have complemented your data in Neptun. You will be asked to verify your personality by logging into your email account and clicking on a link sent to you by the system. Even if you are not forced by the system to complement your data, you can edit your user profile by clicking the "You are logged in as [name] (Logout)" link. There you should fill in the required fields: give the country, city name and e-mail address.
  • Once finished, you can continue in the e-learning system:
    • Find your course category: Biofizika/Biophysics Pick your course: Elective Courses - Selected topics in cell biology (Click on the course name) Type the Enrolment key that will be provided in the first lecture. Click on the [Enrol me] button


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