Introduction to Biophysics II, Lecture


Year, Semester: Basic Medicine Course 2nd

Number of teaching hours:

  • Lecture: 60
  • Seminar: 30

Subject code: BMC1PHYS02  

ECTS Credit: 0

Department: Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology, Biophysics Division

Semester recommended to take: 2nd semester.

Semester fot the regular course: 2nd

Prerequisites of the course: No prerequisites.

Teaching staff: Dr. Zoltán Varga and the members of the Department

Educational advisor: Dr. Zsolt Fazekas

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1st week: 8th week:
Lecture: 1-4. Properties of electric charges. Insulators and conductors. Coulomb's law. Electric field. Electric field lines. Electric flux and Gauss's law.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 1-4.
Lecture: 29-32. The nature of light. Reflection, refraction and dispersion. Prisms. The rainbow. Huygen's principle. Total internal reflection and its medical applications.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 25-28.
2nd week: 9th week:
Lecture: 5-8. Electrical energy and capacitance. The parallel plate capacitor. Combinations of capacitors. Energy stored in capacitors. Capacitors with dielectric.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 1-8.
Lecture: 33-36. Lenses and mirrors. Flat mirrors. Images formed by spherical mirrors. Thin lenses. Images formed by lenses. Lens aberrations.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 29-32.
3rd week: 10th week:
Lecture: 9-12. Electric current. Current and voltage measurements in circuits. Resistance and Ohm's law. Resistivity, temperature variation of resistance. Semiconductors and superconductors. Electrical activity of the heart. Defibrillators.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 5-12.

Lecture: 37-40. Wave optics. Conditions for interference, polarization of light. Diffraction. The camera, the simple magnifier, the compound microscope, the telescpoe and the eye.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 33-36.


4th week: 11th week:
Lecture: 13-16. Direct current circuits. Resisorts in parallel and series. Kirchhoff's rules and complex DC circuits. RC circuits. Conduction of electrical signals by neurons.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 9-16.
Lecture: 41-44. Quantum physics. Blackbody radiation. Photoelectric effect. Particle theory of light. The production and attenuation of X-ray. Characteristic X-ray.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 37-40.
5th week: 12th week:
Lecture: 17-20. Magnetism. Megnetic field. Earth's magnetic field. Magnetic force on current carrying conductors. Toque on current loop and electric motors. Magnetic field of a long straight wire and Ampere's law. Magnetic field between two parallel conductors. Magnetic field of loops and solenoids.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 13-16.
Lecture: 45-48. Atomic physics. Early model of the atom. Quantum mechanics and the hydrogen atom. The spin magnetic quantum numbers. Lasers and holography.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 41-48.
6th week: 13th week:
Lecture: 21-24. Induced emf and magnetic flux. Faraday's law of induction. Motional emf. Lenz's law. Generators. Self-inductance RL circuits.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 17-20.
Lecture: 49-52. Some properties of the nuclei. Binding energy. Radioactivity, the decay processes. Medical appliacation of radioactivity. Nuclear reactions. Nuclear fission and fusion. Positron and other antiparticles.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 49-52.
7th week: 14th week:
Lecture: 25-28. Alternating current. Resistors, capacitors and inductors in AC circuits. The transformer. Properties of electromagnetic waves. The spectrum of electromagnetic waves.
Seminar: Material related to lectures 21-24.
Lecture: 53-56. Interactive seminar and preparation for the ESE.

Reading materials

  • Serway/Vuille: College Physics.
    • 10th edition. Cengage Learning, 2014. ISBN: 978-1285737027.
    • Gáspár R.: Physics for BMC students.
    • University of Debrecen

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