MTA-DE Cell Biology and Signalling Research Group

Head of the group

  • János Szöllősi, MSc, PhD, DSc, academic

Group members

  • István Rebenku, MSc, research fellow
  • Ágnes Szabó (Mrs), PhD, postdoctoral fellow
  • László Ujlaky-Nagy, MD, research fellow
  • Éva Korpos-Pintye-Gyuri (Mrs), PhD, postdoctoral fellow
  • Máté Demény, PhD, postdoctoral fellow
  • Gabriella Béke (Ms), PhD, postdoctoral fellow
  • Judit Kállai (Mrs), research fellow
  • Eliza Guti (Ms), research fellow 
  • Zoltán Hajnády, MSc, research fellow

Associated members

  • György Panyi, MD, PhD, DSc
  • Péter Nagy, MD, PhD, DSc
  • György Vereb, MD, PhD, DSc
  • Ferenc Erdődi, PhD, DSc
  • László Virág, MD, PhD, DSc
  • Attila Bácsi, MD, PhD, DSc

The research group was created in collaboration with three Departments

  • Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology
  • Department of Medical Chemistry
  • Department of Immunology


Major areas of interest

  • Studying regulatory functions of the interaction between tumor and its stroma (tumor-associated stroma) to identify the therapeutic targets of the stroma.
  • Characterization possible therapeutic targets of the tumor and the alterations in these targets upon interactions with stroma.
  • Developing and optimizing new immune therapies to eliminate solid tumors more efficiently.

Recent publications

  • Géhl Zs, Bakondi E, Resch MD, Hegedűs Cs, Kovács K, Lakatos P: Diabetes-induced oxidative stress in the vitreous humor. Redox Biol. 9: 100-103. (2016)
  • Kovács T, Batta Gy, Hajdu T, Szabó Á, Váradi T, Zákány F, Csomós I, Szöllősi J,  Nagy P: The dipole potential modifies the clustering and ligand binding affinity of ErbB proteins and their signaling efficiency, Scientific Reports 6:(35850) pp. 1-11. (2016)
  • Nagy P,  Szabó Á, Váradi T, Kovács T, Batta Gy, Szöllősi J: rFRET: a comprehensive, Matlab-based program for analyzing intensity-based ratiometric microscopic FRET experiments, Cytometry Part A 89:376-384. (2016)
  • Szöllősi J, Vereb G, Nagy P: The flow of events: How the sequence of molecular interactions is seen by the latest, user-friendly high throughput flow cytometric FRET. Cytometry Part A 89:881-885. (2016)
  • Mocsár G, Volkó J, Rönnlund D, Widengren J, Nagy P, Szöllősi J, Tóth K, Goldman CK, Damjanovich S, Waldmann TA, Bodnár A, Vámosi G: MHC I Expression Regulates Co-clustering and Mobility of Interleukin-2 and -15 Receptors in T Cells. Biophys J. 111:100-112. (2016)
  • Tóth G, Szöőr Á, Simon L, Yarden Y, Szöllősi J, Vereb G: The combination of trastuzumab and pertuzumab administered at approved doses may delay development of trastuzumab resistance by additively enhancing antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity. MAbs. 8:1361-1370. (2016)
  • Szöőr Á, Ujlaky-Nagy L, Tóth G, Szöllősi J, Vereb G: Cell confluence induces switching from proliferation to migratory signaling by site-selective phosphorylation of PDGF receptors on lipid raft platforms. Cell Signal. 28:81-93. (2016)
  • Sipos A, Iván J, Bécsi B, Darula Zs, Tamás I, Horváth D, Medzihradszky KF, Erdődi F, Lontay B: Myosin phosphatase and RhoA-activated kinase modulate arginine methylation by the regulation of protein arginine methyltransferase 5 in hepatocellular carcinoma cells. Scientific Reports 7:40590, 1-15. (2017)
  • Bátori R, Bécsi B, Nagy D, Kónya Z, Hegedűs Cs, Bordán Zs, Verin A, Lontay B, Erdődi F: Interplay of myosin phosphatase and protein phosphatase-2A in the regulation of endothelial nitric-oxide synthase phosphorylation and nitric oxide production Scientific Reports 7: 44698, 1-17. (2017)
  • Horváth D, Tamás I, Sipos A, Darula Zs, Bécsi B, Nagy D, Iván J, Erdődi F, Lontay B: Myosin phosphatase and RhoA-activated kinase modulate neurotransmitter release by regulating SNAP-25 of SNARE complex. Plos One 12: e-0177046, 1-23. (2017)
  • Iván J, Major E, Sipos A, Kovács K, Horváth D, Tamás I, Bay P, Dombrádi V, Lontay B: The short-chain fatty acid propionate inhibits adipogenic differentiation of human chroion-derived mesenchymal stem cells through the free fatty acid receptor 2. Stem Cells and Development 26:1724-1733. (2017)
  • Kovács T, Batta G, Zákány F, Szöllősi J, Nagy P: The dipole potential correlates with lipid raft markers in the plasma membrane of living cells. J Lipid Res 58: 1681-1691. (2017)
  • Mocanu M, Nagy P, Szollosi J: Detection of protein interactions by Subcellular Localization Assay. Cytometry Part A 91: 657-658. (2017)
  • Tóth E, Beyer D, Zsebik B, Vereb G, Takacs L: Limbal and Conjunctival Epithelial Cell Cultivation on Contact Lenses: Different Affixing Techniques and the Effect of Feeder Cells. Eye Contact Lens-Sci Clin Pra 43 (3): 162-167. (2017)  
  • Tóth G, Szöllősi J, Vereb G: Quantitating ADCC against adherent cells: Impedance-based detection is superior to release, membrane permeability, or caspase activation assays in resolving antibody dose response Cytometry Part A  91: 1021-1029. (2017)
  • Zsebik B, Ujlaky-Nagy L, Losonczy G, Vereb G, Takács L: Cultivation of Human Oral Mucosal Explants on Contact Lenses. Curr Eye Res 42:1094-1099. (2017)
  • Filippi A, Picot T, Aanei CM, Nagy P, Szöllősi J, Campos L, Ganea C, Mocanu MM: Epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate alleviates the malignant phenotype in A-431 epidermoid and SK-BR-3 breast cancer cell lines. Int J Food Sci Nutr. 21:1-14. (2017)
  • Ujlaky-Nagy L, Nagy P, Szöllősi J, Vereb G: Flow Cytometric FRET Analysis of Protein Interactions. Methods Mol Biol. 1678:393-419. (2018)
  • Batta G, Soltész L, Kovács T, Bozó T, Mészár Z, Kellermayer M, Szöllősi J, Nagy P: Alterations in the properties of the cell membrane due to glycosphingolipid accumulation in a model of Gaucher disease. Scientific Reports, 8:157. (2018)
  • Barok M, Puhka M, Vereb G, Szöllősi J, Isola J, Joensuu H: Cancer-derived exosomes from HER2-positive cancer cells carry trastuzumab-emtansine into cancer cells leading to growth inhibition and caspase activation. BMC Cancer. 18:504. (2018)
  • Szabó Á, Szendi-Szatmári T, Ujlaky-Nagy L, Rádi I, Vereb G, Szöllősi J, Nagy P: The Effect of Fluorophore Conjugation on Antibody Affinity and the Photophysical Properties of Dyes. Biophys J. 114:688-700. (2018)

Updated: 2022.01.25.

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