Introduction to Biophysics, Requirements

Requirements for short BMC physics

The program consists of lectures and seminars.


Attendance to lectures is emphatically recommended. All material covered in lectures is an integral part of the subject and therefore included in the self-control tests and the final exam. Some new concepts and ideas are discussed in the lectures only and are not present in the textbook.


  • Attendance to seminars is compulsory and is recorded. With acceptable excuse students may miss maximum 6 (six) seminars. Students missing 7-9 seminars cannot be exempted from the final exam, regardless their score reached on the Self Control Tests. Students missing 10 (ten) or more seminars are excluded from the class. Students are encouraged to ask questions related to the topic of the lectures discussed, and participate in solving physical problems related to the topic of the seminar.
  • The course ends with a Final Exam (FE). Exemption is offered for students who achieve excellent academic performance during their study term on the following base.
  • During the term six Self Control Tests (SCTs) are organized. One will be exempted from the Final Examination if he/she achieves minimum 2 (pass) on each of the six SCTs, and the average of the marks of the 5 best SCTs is at least 4 (good). Three dates will be set for the Final Examinations (FE) during the examination period.
  • Students who could not meet the above described conditions for exemption must sit for the FE from the whole material of the semester. Unsuccessful students may repeat the FE twice ("B" and "C" chances).
  • A student who has successfully passed an exam but is not satisfied with the result may take a repeated (so called "improvement") exam. Only one improvement examination can be done regardless the number of subjects taken by the student.
  • Control tests, End of Semester Exams, and Final Exams will be assessed as follows:
    • Percentage: Mark
    • 0.00 - 49.99 fail (1)
    • 50.00 - 64.99 pass (2)
    • 65.00 - 74.99 satisfactory (3)
    • 75.00 - 84.99 good (4)
    • 85.00 - 100 excellent (5) Absence counts as 0%.

Updated: 2018.09.07.

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