Department meetings: 2020-2021. academic year, 2.  semester


2020-2021. academic year, 2.  semester 

Every Tuesday, 08:30-10:00



Date Principal Investigator Lecturer Title Type
09th February 2021.         
16th February 2021. Dr. György Vereb      educational
23rd February 2021. Dr. György Vereb  Dr. Zsolt Fazekas    educational
2nd March 2021. Dr. Gábor Szabó  Dr. Gergely Szakács  Targeting efflux transporters in multidrug resistant cancer: an unfinished business  research
9th March 2021.  Dr. Gábor Szabó  Dr. Erfaneh Firouziniaki   Preparing for PhD defense
16th March 2021.  Dr. György Vámosi Ádám Kenesei   research
23rd March 2021.  Dr. Zoltán Varga  Dr. Florina Zákány    research
30th March 2021. Dr. György Vereb  Marianna Csaplár  Culture conditions determine efficacy, differentition and long-term persistence of HER2 specific CAR T cells research
April 06th 2021.  Dr. György Panyi      research
13th April 2021.  Dr. György Panyi      research
20th April 2021.  Dr. Zoltán Varga Dr. Ádám Fehér    research
27th April 2021.  Dr. Péter Nagy  Ágnes Batta   research
28th April 2021. (Wednesday!)   Dr. Botond Roska online LSB seminar LSB seminar
4th May 2021.  Dr. György Vámosi Bálint Rehó    research
11th May 2021.  Dr. László Mátyus     research


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